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Sunday, September 19, 2010

any idiots can face crisis

it's day to day living that wears you out.

Less than 80 days to go back Malaysia and hell these 80 days just like 80 months for me. Not to think about going back first but my NCEA exam in the first place. I had a long weekend until the 20th which is tomorrow then school for four days and two weeks holiday and I gonna having that freak papers in two to three weeks time. Seriously, I hate to have exam before or after holiday. I wondered why they want to have exam ? Just to prove how much a student study in school or just to waste the trees.. Having school without exams but test will be way more easier.

Anyway, am here to tell a small joke about a buddy of mine. He came and asked me about why am I blogging about things about love and asking am I fall for some guys. I was like wow, I'm not! I just need somebody to appreciate or love, dude! Then we chat about girls and guys, the funniest part was I said
"what if I wait a girl to like me and not boys?"
the reaction of his was.. "fuck you!"

I wonder what if a friend of yours become bisexual and what reaction would you give?
Will it be the same as my buddy or accept it ?
If you reject it, it seems to be like racist or should say as not supporting same sexual thingy. ;X

wonders and thoughts across! ;X

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