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Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a look for the future

in your dream.
In my dream, everything goes smoothly not like the reality. Sometimes, I just wish I could sleep all night and with the sweet dream I had all night long. I had a dream which make me realize friends are important so as family. Sometimes, I suppose love is just a creepy word which can make people's feeling up and down. As yesterday I thought of love and today I thought of hurt from the love. This word is funny, it makes you fall for it and it makes you get over it or even can't get through it.

Somehow, I take my spec and do the same thing as the image above which make me think of something like what will tomorrow the world be like after this second, minute or hour.

Have you ever think for the future?

To me, I do. I think there will be 2012 and I will not be the survive one so I don't need to worry much about now and then but what if it doesn't exist? If it really then I will be so suffer after now. ;X Life is just too busy to think much and think of the negative way. Life is too short like seriously. There is no point to let you waste your time on the thing you don't like.

Anyway, today has been a long boring day for me. As in the previous post which I posted in the afternoon, I mentioned I used the day to do tumblr until now. Tweeter until now, watched VMA, blog and later I gonna be creating tears out of my little sketch book.

"I want to be in love more than anything ever!"

Maybe, having a day dream is a good thing. ;)

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