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Saturday, September 18, 2010

For you, lock doesn't exist ;

For some reason I hate 'lock' to be exist. I have no idea why, perhaps it makes an inconvenient situation for me. Just like yesterday night, we went out for a moon-cake gathering which filled full with asians and most of them are from China, I suppose. We went there because of our neighbor 'cause he is one of the "father" in that church. He invited us and we went after dinner about 8o'clock after the VMA.

Reached and first performance was performed by a guy who dance something like ballet which was pretty impressive. Second performed by a small child and he counts duck , I was like " wtf? you are torturing the kids wey! " Third, performed by a bunch of woman average of 50 years old and dance with a pop Korea song. (seriously, O.O) Fourth, so call the champion of a singing contest and some performance with a piano then a girl sings canto song with the lyrics on her hand what a pro, ain't she? Anyway, after her performance we went back home on the way home the wind, rain and storm come all together ! What a great weather aye, anyhow I got off the car with my bro and my mum was walking slowly and pass her keys to me, in a real slow motion! Yet, the lock just annoyed to be with a key!


Today's ;
woke up around 11 and laid on the bed for 5 minutes listen to the wind and storm outside my windows. Took my phone and check for a text and hell yes, there is one from Julie. The text was about what today weather will be like real bad!

Here's the text :
"One of the largest storms on the planet is scheduled to hit New Zealand these few days, bringing gales, heavy rain and show to much of the country. The storm is the size of Australia, is expected to hit tomorrow afternoon bringing winds strong enough to bring down trees, power lines and even damage poorly built roofs/barns in some areas . "

After reading that, I stood up and wait for 11:11 and make a wish. For the first time, I hope my wish will come true so freakin' bad.. I dont know why but I just feel like I haven't got back to M'sia and I dont want anything happen before that. Perhaps, my thoughts are just too much. However, after that I got myself prepare to work hard on the gang tee. First to find out an example then starts to find different font of letters used up like 2 hours on it to create the words

" Dai B & Macam Yes"

Then starts to get annoy with it, relaxed and off to do some house work. Back like an hour to continue all the stuff. Used up like the whole day to do that thingy and discuss with a guy who I'm not close with but in his opinion I think my plan works. About 4, they online and discuss for a while and came out with a conclusion which used the meaningless but pretty one to be the front and at the back I don't know what's in their mind tho.

Will upload the design of the gang tee soon. ;)

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