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Friday, September 10, 2010

Everybody wants a thrill.

It smells not that bad and not that good but alright.

Finished english exam which make me relax for few hours until now. Went to school for 1 and half hour and walk back home all alone without phone and ipods. I was too nervous until i nearly forgot to bring my pens. Fortunately, I check my pocket.. The test was faster than I thought yet I finished it without 4 hundred words in each essay which make me proud! ;) Anyway, I gonna work on my art work and geog also science. Am so not gonna take sciences next year, there are three for option and I'm not bothered to choose one of them..

Dad called last night, he's okay after few days in hospital 'cause of 'denggi'. If you knew me like years ago, you would know I get that before. Somehow, my dad got it for like two times which mean this is him third times with it. I told him what am I going to choose and I asked him weather should I choose one of science 'cause he wants me to be a dentist in the future ? what a joke.. He said, "is good to choose one of the science." then I said I decided not to 'cause I think I might just choose Geog and Acc as my future ? then the way he reply was like " err, alright as you like, if you want to." I know he is disappointed on me but seriously I was pretty frustrated with choosing subjects, I asked lots of people's opinion which is just killing me. Now I think I might choose eng, math, geog, acc, art history and also photography. I thought of choosing two visual art which is design and photography but wouldn't it be too stress?

I still got like 2 weeks time to choose subjects so..
I still can have some other people's opinion. ;)

shots for the one who wished me!
I L Y !!!! <3

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