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Thursday, September 16, 2010

the sparks.

The light makes it shines in an unusual way.
The sparks around it just amazing in its way.

It's not a emo post but it's a post about my feelings
ignore if you want to.

In a sudden, I think I need somebody to love like so freakin' bad. Not to let you feel like I'm a bitch or slut but seriously I thought of that because the friends around me just started to fall for the girls or boys they like and am here doing nothing. Looked at them being single and get into a relationship, talk through phones, wall to wall and blog about their couple life. (am kinda jealous tho.) Well I guess I should be studying instead of thinking these creepy stuff that I ever wanted.

He came and told me like
" I fall for a girl and I talk to her yet she got a boyfriend within one week. It just hurt so deep! "
This just make me wonder what would it be like if i got the same feeling? Anyway, I probably will feel it when I got somebody to love.

I wish it didn't hurt.
I wish I didn't care.
I wish it didn't matter.
I wish I was happy.
I wish I had money.
I wish I was pretty.
I wish I was skinny.
I wish I could sleep all night long.
I wish I enjoyed my life.
I wish you were here.
I wish you meant it.
I wish I told you how I felt.
I wish I didn't exist so as you.

I know I'm kinda greedy to have lots of thing and wish for everything but this is the only place where I can express my feeling so I can feel relax after the things happened. ;)

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