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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maybe just haven't met you yet .

It's time !
Bless me and wish me luck please .

Yesterday ;
Had a time at home it's just as simple as white . There's nothing special happen hope there is of cause but it won't happen I knew it . Day is as usual like what I used too but one thing is I went to meet the new dentist call Karen J Brook if I'm not wrong she's friendly but I'm worried for new dentist ! I changed my colour to black and red as Carmen wants it so ... and there are new friends for my dear teeth ! =D That's rubber bands , is quite weird and pain to have two rubber bands in your mouth and when you crew it was like bubble gum stick between your teeth ! can you believe that ? Btw , I can't bite really hard nowadays and is more pain than I wear braces only ! I wanna have tofu please ...

Today ;
Woke up and had my breakfast ' bread ' and is really hard to bite so I just swallow it without bitting sorry to say that ! Then went to have a look for the tiles for my mum's ' office ' a.k.a kitchen so we bought it and ask uncle Alex to pick it up then went to look for security box . Back to new house and have a look around don't forget we did gardening today again is super duper tired . Back to home helps my mum up and here I'm .
Btw , there's a good news and a bad news .

Good ;
we got a called from the school and they called me to interview tomorrow hope is not a april fool thing ! =X

Bad ;
This Friday is good friday so is holiday and yet next Monday is easter monday so there are holiday for two weeks and I might be studying on the 19th !

Big P and S :
HELP ! I haven choose my subjects yet ! DAMN IT !!!!!

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