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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's too hard dont you think that ?

Memories .
dear diary ,
It's me again ,
I was too bored to do things .
orh !
and I'm too bored and I join back to plurk !
anyone realize that ?
join if you want to but nowadays i realize everyone is having exam only the upper are free to do something else and I think i should be having exam so
I'm speechless and
I think i have decided what to study in the college .
i have chose but i dont think i can do it !
I need confidence .
let's see .
the school compulsory subjects are just Maths and Eng .
and I'm taking that ,
i think i can carry that maths and eng i think i will take english intermediate (which is easier) 'cause as i know myself cant be catching up with their english .
other than that .
I will take accounting , graphics and also visual art .
total 5 i have confirm only science i have problem as i know my science was not that good i wonder should i get it ?
or i shall get science intermediate .
goshhhhh !
I dont know what to do right now .
everyday also watch tv and did nothing else other than this .
orh about the visual art after i study this in year 11 then i shall get design or photography in year 12 ?
aaaaa ! I need help .

I'm tired and relax .
' idk what am i thinking and typing right now ,
ignore this post if you want to . '
bye diary .

p/s : green , blue or brown ?
dark colour or light ?

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