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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another day has gone with some news . =(

I'm here to update again !
not glad to see me huh ?
so two more days to their exam ..
wonder how would it be .
hmm ...
stop about those ,
I'm here to say something about stupid we did today .
we meant William and I . =D
Let's see ,
Today went to NSIA ' the professional hospitality academy ' for my mum .
Yes , you didn't see wrong is for my mum
as you guys know the three children of my dad were born in NZ but my mum wasn't so
we should make permanent resident for her but the bad news is ...
we should spent over 20 thousand for making that !
is in NZD cz we cant make as permanent resident so she should take student permit ..

While Will and I were waiting for them ask about the schooling thing .
you can see through his shirt !
SEXY !!!!

Before going NSIA we went to Rangitoto College for the registration of me and Will ,
the same problem they want us to move in to house just can get in to school and we talked they said on the 17th just go interview and all those crap !
gosh !!! I gonna miss more then 10 credits in the first term . =X

after that we went to SHOWROOMS of bathroom .
as a new house need renovation and new properties like bed all that ,
but today we went to buy for bathroom's .
we searched what we want for the first shop then we went to Wendy's to have our LUNCH !
" p/s : I was having sandwiches for my breakfast EVERYDAY ! "
after lunch went to another showroom to compare the prices .
as will and I were BORING !
we did this . hehe ...

spot the yellow things ?
muahahha .
i know we're childish but we were just too bored
but the workers enjoy with that too .

duckyyyy .

oh , we took away some chips from Wendy's too .

after that went to see some curtain thing but is not in sale so we might be waiting for Easter day !
then we went to Harvey Norman for furniture and some bed things .
all of them already chose left me 'cause i dont really like those ...
i might search again !!!
after that went back home and rest
however , James and Vannessa were here 'cause we going to have dinner together !
then meet up aunty Eva to have together !
we enjoyed ourselves ..
chatted about the school and bla bla bla ended the day .

bad news ;
- missed more then 10 credits in 1 sem .
- miss the feeling of love .
- i dreamed about you guys and cried .

opinion please ;
what colour should i put for my bedroom ?
hmm ...

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