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Friday, April 2, 2010

hope cant last long .

600th post .
I can't believe that !

Just hold the lights in your hand .

Yesterday ;

First to say is Happy April Fool peeps .

Woke up and when to interview for school enrollment things I chose my subjects there are Eng , Maths , Science , Art , Accounting and Geography even the school haven't started yet I regret to choose the subject like account and geog . Damn It !! How am I going to leave when I dont have any basic at all and I'm going to study it in second term with no BASIC ! Gosh i'm regret now what to choose ? I was thinking of getting media but the class is full ! what can I do ? Worries !!!!
tomorrow is holiday and today is last day of first term ! I'm still worried ! WTF ? Then went to shop har but I bough nothing . My mum bought 2 pair of shoes in Kumfs . The day is sucks !!!

Today's ;
Woke up bathed and yet I played Left 4 Dead
thanks to James Chong for asking me to try about it ! Can you guys believe that I love this game ? is really good if i can I gonna get the full version of it ! haha . after I played the game when to new house and be the gardener again ! the last time I went I got torn hurts is freaking pain ! I hate rose !!!! It's really suck ! the days I had suck !

Big P and S :
Let's forget about it .

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