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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tell me you're in a crush with someone else .

Miss you more than you though of .

The day starts with ;

' Jessie , Carmen !!!!
wake up we're going out soon for furniture stuff !
Better wake up now ! ' mum shouted ;
and yet I went to bath do all those things then woke William up I had my breakfast - Korean rice cake . After William done then woke Carmen up then we enjoy the breakfast and mum's back home to fetch us out ! It's really early and we're totally blur . We went to aunty may's house to meet her up and out to shop furniture . The aunties bought 1 dollar shirt and Carmen and I bought a jelly lens wide angle thing and it's cost 5 dollar ' someone gonna scold me for buying that .' but it's really cool I will take some example for you guys next time . =X Then went back to aunty may's house to drop another aunty down then out again to find some more furniture ! My bro got a bed today is in black and leather . ' gosh ! I love it but It's only in queen .' after that we have got a TV cabinet and It looks GREAT ! I'm in love with that and It's only 1700 + NZD with lots of things a and 'cause of that cabinet we change our LCD from 55 inch to 41 inch ! I'm super duper happy ! what else we bough ?I've forgotten but the important thing is that I haven got my bed yet ! == my room is too small for me to put a double bed so I shall choose something nice and it's in king single bed . =D then after that we went back to aunty may's house to have dinner ! and played cards with Natalie and Justin ' Justin's CRAZY .' tomorrow is another day for furniture , dining table , bed and some carpets for my room ! =D

big P and S again ;
urgent ! opinion for my room paint please . I'm headache about that once again .

some words to say is ...
ignore THIS if you want to .
dear diary , I'm here again with the bloody mood . What should I do when I'm alone online and being speechless to everyone . Every time I want someone to talk to there's no one and when I wanna chat I don't know what to start with but when I saw someone I want to talk to I dont even bother to say hi and bye . I'm just waiting someone to chat with me at first . What am I think about ? I need help . =(

.. tubuoyhtiwtahcotsevol
nothing else i can say ,
I'm crazy , BITCH !

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