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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wishes for the girl i met !

Wishes only for you and you .

The wishes for the ' slimy ' ; Tan Chu Xuan !
Happy Sweet 16th , girl !
I wonder how're you currently but I wanna wish you happy birthday and wish you have a great celebration without me ! =D
of-cause dont forget to miss me .
all the best , girl !
love you .

a same wish like what I did .

Happy Birthday son of the bitch ;
Lee Lik Hong a.k.a bodak !!!
I don't care you got view my blog a not but
I still need to wish you like what I used to do .
sorry for the late wish but just only one day please forgive me .
Happy Belated Birthday botak .
Tell me you love me . =D

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