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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes is good to be alone but now is not .

Another day but it was just replaying .

Woke up at 10 something , eat , watch and sit . Then went to the garden again for our gardening start ! we did less things today 'cause I think is mostly done at the first sight ! other than that is all done by my mum and we just sitting a side enjoy our cards playing ! =D and sing song out loud until the neighbor staring at us . I just can't stop about that .

Hope tomorrow is the day , Tomorrow is a day for me to go to school again for interview i hope this time will be works . Hope so i think , I just dont hope i missed the credits and spending my life like randomly . I got enough holiday i think , i just dont hope i gonna be a wood again !

here's the pencil case i bough from smiggles . =D

to someone like ?
I dont know what to say to you just like just know . I'm freaking pissed of something but I dont know what to start with . I'm really sorry about that .

bye world and words

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