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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What gardener do as we did today .

Tell me why am I updating when I have no mood at all ?
I'm totally crazy and I need someone to chat with just like someone else .

Woke up and went to our new house to clear up the garden 'cause the garden is full of roses and trees so my mum decided to cut all of it ! and these were what we did , we spent our whole day in there and had our lunch with Domino's thanks to uncle Alex . =D We enjoyed the little things just like playing ' baseball ' at the garden , acting , taking funny video and also playing songs ' singing out loud too ' . I shall let's the pictures do the talking just like a radio but for more information of this ' radio ' is in FB in my album . =D

poor mum cutting it by herself ofcz we did help her .

Big ass ' William ' .
can you spot the botak's plants ?
we're resting . =D
spot what i got when I spent my day in the garden .
two colour on my feet !

he's trying to hit me with that .

spot what he's doing ?
the witch !
love this .
love love love I want your love .
rose .
love again .
pink ones .
after spending the day in the garden went to enjoy the little things with the roses and also paper flowers .

spent the day with the buddies ;
Carmen , William , James and Vanessa !

tomorrow gonna be another day for me in the new house and helping up ! I gonna paint my room with a dark colour like black or dark purple ! isn't it a good idea ? I got my new bed with vanilla colour .

I hate spent my life with nothing .
Why there arent anyone chatting with me ?
Why aren't they finding me ?
Tell me what's the feeling of having life in M'sia without me and other ?
I can't stop thinking about that way !
I really need someone to help me with this .

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