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Monday, March 15, 2010

The though of her life .

Is just simple and a A4 paper .

The day is simple , cold and sunny ! What should I start with ... when to the lawyer's office today around 4 , after meeting up with him/her went to Albany Mall to buy something like pajamas and lalala . Then went to have my dinner , guess what my favorite for my dinner ! Japanese food , I love it the ox tongue is super duper yummy ! I know is a bit disgusting but I think is great to eat it , hehe . Try it before you say disgusting ! After dinner went back home then I have a chat with AshleyHong and webcammy ! She look so mature than i though , hehe . However , I had a short chat with her and sze who else ... what can I say i nearly everyday chat with Sze nowadays and I really miss her . I miss her with a big smile , a loud voice , a shy face while spotting hot guys , a kiss on my ass , her hands on someone boobs *everyone gets it before including me* , a long story , scolding teachers and also miss her with the big boobs ! haha , she gonna kill me if she sees these but still I really miss her , Foo Xue Sze ! By the way , one thing to say about my status in fb 'I'm in a relationship but not true and it's complicated to explain .'

Another words to someone ;
according to the someone said that he's my blog supporter but now I'm telling you that , I haven move in to my new house so please dont ask me about the stuff around the house and I haven got into school so dont ask me about the school stuff like boys and hot chicks . Don't tell me you're my supporter if you didn't see this post !
p/s : you own me a long chat , bitch !

A short story of me and Joe ;
I can't stop laughing at him and I told him the truth of me and hubby , PhangSaikHoe . He's so adorable until he believes me and hoe is together when I tell him the truth he says is good to see you two together and I was like WTH ? I wont 'cause i think I know him well I wont fall in love with him but I really love him as a big brother or sister ? =D He gonna kill me if he sees this . However , just want to say I love you guys as well !

big P and S :
Wednesday is the day for me to go interview hope I can get in this time not like last two times , I'm bored at home God bless me on Wednesday . Love me , appreciate and forget me .

. emohymtahctybtahtetahI

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