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Monday, March 15, 2010

You're involve in my wonderland .

You're in my mind , boy .

Woke up in the late morning and aunty Christina called to out for lunch ! 'yesh , i'm a lazy dumb !' Then I took my bath we went out for our HOT lunch ! as aunty Christina suggest us a Shanghai's restaurant and is really HOT ! is really good to have it in winter by the way today's weather is really cold . According to my sis this year's winter will be freezing , but i don't know right or wrong should be right i think . Forget about the weather just to say that restaurant is with good taste but is too hot ... Let's see how hot is it . =X

spot her lips ?
Is totally RED !!!

oh , before our lunch I went to shop around at Takapuna and i bought a shirt i love it ! =D After our lunch went back to house and surf the web *just doing the same thing everyday* . Mum prepare for dinner . Will and James went to ' fish-a-fish ' then they back and have lunch and is time for our time MOVIE !!! The second time I watch movie in NZ . Ofcz i love it . =D

I watched Alice In Wonderland .
I think the movie is alright not that nice as I imagined .

before the movie i did this .
went in and I took this .
p/s : i forgot to on silent when i took this photo *chik-chak* the people around me was starring at me . =X

after movie went out the car park looks quite scary !
Imagine everywhere is with zombies .

while waiting for something i did these .

Then we went back home ; End of the day .

You're in my wonderland with a big smile and a funny laugh . Although , i don't know why you were there but I think this meant to be something . No one knows about it unless i find it out or figure it out using my ' genius brain ' .

So Long Suckers ; Kiss My Ass !

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