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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Genius from my heart is madness .

peace to love ,

no is hate !
opps , I uploaded the wrong picture . =X

dear diary ,
I'm here again with my bloody bored mood .So what can I say ,I chatted with the old buddies today ,yesh , i miss her and him also them . However, I do miss the ones in 3M and also the ones !
gosh , why am i saying that ?
So , after 1 more hour the day should be go again without surprise .
my day is bored !
oh , I did bought a shorts today is my first thing to buy here .
from billabong . =D

' p/s : if you guys need ripcurl or billabong's things call me . '

then I spent the day with the computer and also the TV .
what a 'GREAT' day .

She gonna be MAD ; pissed off !

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