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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

show me your middle fingers .

show me these .

OMG ! It's Monday , as I see the fan pages they joined it and I never join it 'cause I have so enough holiday until I need to study like what others do now a days ! Went to new house and did the same things as yesterday then went to buy things . I saw a SPONGEBOB's duvet set and is super duper cute ! ofcz I didn't buy it 'cause it doesn't suit my room should I get a playboy's set ? Fine , forget about it continue with my story of these days ... I've been a gardener for three days and my muscle on my leg is pissing me off , DAMN . I need some help here please , I've got a bad news again 'cause of the school next week will be the day i think so . Hope so ...

fuck the world ;
hate me bitch !

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