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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I like to be single more than couple .

I love girls and boys .

I'm afraid ;
I think I'm sick i feel like fever now .

Yesterday , nothing special happened but I've got a surprise at night by TCW and CJY ! thanks to them but i did wonder who TCW going to bath when CJY was having fun inside ? Btw , thanks for the call , call me next time as I told you . orh , we got a new sofa for today's shopping result .

About today , woke up then met aunty Christina brought us 'James , Vanessa , Carmen , William , mum and I ' to a school's festival was something like canteen day in SM the only thing was kinder garden and it is much more bigger than SM ! after that went to city to have our lunch and went to shopping ! Actually we were going to New Market but at last we saw SALES ! like 15 to 60% off ! and we bough something like kitchen stuff and carpets . Then back to home and have fun like badmintons and picking up balls on the tree . Helped my mum to cook too ! These are what I did nowadays is totally boring ! I wanna go pavilion , sunway and also lepak ! =(

now I know what I used to ;
Tell you one thing I love you but I hate you today and
the day after tomorrow .

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