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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To my damn beloved .

Tell me you hate me more
than you love me .

Memories of games .

Let's see what's the day start with ? When somewhere around East Temaki today for matress and we decided to buy that , left the design of bed only . However , after buy that went to Sylvia Park 'the best shopping mall in NZ .' What can I say the weather today is freezing so we didn't walk the whole thing . =D orh , another P and S for the shopping mall is there got a shop for Sticky sweet and is nearly Easter Day they've got rabbit inside the sticky sweet ! 'It's more cheaper than M'sia and they've more flavor there .' I love it ! I bought a Smiggle's pencil case today , It's cute picture will be upload in the next post ! Let's continue , after the shopping moment went back house then meet up with my lappy again ! Fb , tweet , pluck and click click . These are what I did when i meet my lappy up . However , I did Webcammy with Gipo , Hoe , Brenda and Kelvin today ! Other than them I also webcammy with my dearest , JOJO ! I miss her like hell wey ! opp , i did took photos all in fb ! =D thanks to Benjamin Choo !

another start from ...
Freaking school , as you guys can see my previous post I wrote I will be going to school tomorrow morning but now the interview has been cancel ! So I might continue my bored life again ! So Friday I gonna get my new house but still need around 1 month for renovation .

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