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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Certainty in Wonderland .

A dream ever .

nine in the afternoon .

Smiling while I'm sleep .
Can you believe that , dear diary . I dreamed about my hun , Ng Jiayng and my babe , Natalie Lah today ! I'm sure is today and is not yesterday . The location of the dream is in LRT ! I cant believe that and I forgot about the story line and why we were there but we were cam-whoring . However , I still think that's great to have a dream about you two . Seriously , I miss both of you . I miss the wonderland in my dream 'imagine there aren't limited time for you' . I remembered the time we spent was that much especially for yng , if i'm not wrong I just hanged out with you just for twice about Nat i think about 4 or 5 times only ! That was sad when I think of that , let's say the truth I do hate Nat sometimes but now i think everyone did change so there's no reason for us to hate each other however , about Yng we weren't that good friend before we meet each other I meet you 'cause of TCW 'as you guys know who is he' . Luckily , I do dream about them , and yes ! I do miss you guys .

Another short story ,
I chatted with my hubby , PhangSaikHoe just now and yes my mum and his mum too . =D I'm glad we have this chat the every first time i chatted with him and something about 'friend' (ghost) . Can't believe that , he's in rush so we didn't chat that much and i did took some pictures will be here soon ! Love the Phang's .

Just want to tell you (the one who reading this blog=diary) I'm not studying now 'cause the school wants me to interview on the 17th and I might take sometime to get into school so don't ask me about the school things and friends . I'm lifeless now can you believe that ? JessieTan would be lifeless for another 1 to 2 weeks ! gosh !!!! I miss them now , I heard him said they're learning popping together ! That was a surprise for me , 'cause i never think of they will go to learn popping TOGETHER and is with OCW and hubby . As i think the relationship between them and hubby are closer dont you think so ?

the lovely ever ,
JessieTanJiaXin .


can someone please online earlier on Friday and weekend ? I need a long chat , please .

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