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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sorry guys .
For not uploading for few days .

1st .
I wanna said tat Lee Hom ROCKS !
I love sei him a...
wait awhile i upload the video up . =P
He was awesome He's the best !
bt A.Chord , Alfalean also !
boys singer ! they're the best !!!
the concert were nice n many sm's students went too .
Me,Jing,Venn,Nat,Jun,Gin,Zhi Kang . n many many .
Damn High a!!!
I miss the time .

2nd .
School ?
I was like diu ?
school having dunno wat board .
Weii told me that i'm goin to get in .
damn sien a.
Dun even think that i wanna go school .
D.C ?
C.S ?

3rd .
Kang told us today .
next few days she will not in school for sum reason .
dunno y  le .
bt happy dun have her class.
+ nobody call me to pull up my skirt and nobody call me tuck in my shirt !
Tis few days gonna do the 'peka' for science PMR!
a ....

4th .
Kenal C.S !
damn sien !
took by the prefect who sucks !!!!

5th .
got 3 DC !!!
act got 5 .
but dunno y kang give me 3 dc only .
got 13 samans but get 3 DC damn good le .
*wehre got ppl get DC till so happy geh ? *
heard Ting Wei said DC gonna have thiings to do .
lol .
form 1 is Essay .
form 2 is Science .
form 3 is Eng + scince .
mayb only .
but i noe tomoro D.C is took buy Mrs.Kang !!!
Hope she's in good mood !

6th .
I dunno what happen to we two  lar.
but i just noe that .
Act I'm not a  person who can b trusted !
not even you all .
all is my wrong .
what about u ? u ? and u ?
If you really wanna think that thn k lor .
I'm Sorry Guys + DaiBs .

7th .
to the bb in my chatbox .
If you really hate me ?
Just tell ur real name no need use all those fake name to scold me .
Like i killed ur parents .
Siao !!!

8th .
Act what happen to two of us a ?
I really hope i can do that bt dunno why .
whn he or she said that i cant do it anymore !!!
i hate my life !!!

lols .

x I still miss you in my mind .
o Blek !
x Peter , Sucks !
o Carmen , sir call me to ask u wear mask to school a ...

J e s s .

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