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Thursday, May 7, 2009

D , where are u right now ? I'm missing you deeply !!!

Ntg much happened in school today .
coz tis few days also nvr stay bac .
n today i get CS again !
Fark ! i really dun understand why i get 2 CS with 13 samans 
+ i ask many ppl. they get more thn me also do 1 CS jek .
Damn !!
Today i had my 1st DC ~
damn sien le.
althought the form 2 students are making fun with the duty teacher .
bt i think depends on them is funny but i dun think so .
sorry for saying that guys .
But now onward DC got things to do dy .
today saw the form 2 doin Sejarah. form 3 Eng. n form 1 do BM essay .
Damn sien .
I skip my tuition today. just because my mum is having meeting tis few days + i was lazy today.

I hope u were here today .
dunno why .
feel like missing + finding sumthings .
lol .
What happen to you guys ?
so ?

Miss everything from now on !
miss form 2.
that we having our fun in class with 3S.
Shout till the ex-principle came down n scold our class.
damn shuang that time .
she was asking who's the one shout till can sang opera .
damn cute . n miss that time .
Miss the trip we had last year .
althought i had spoiled my phone .
we had lots of fun on the night with the boys !
Make-Up !
the boys were so leng luii !
n i still remmber the cat walk the guys walk .
i miss the genting trip too .
althought i went for 2 days 1 night .
we also have lots of fun went we went down for yum cha in StarBucks + the truth or dare !
Lol !
i still remmeber wat we dare to Grace !
dunno why suddenly will remember tis things .
mayb is the song !

x I miss you .
o LaoPo Jing , cheer .I support you !!
x Please dun do that .
o Wee.. tomoro dc 17 ppl !! 

J e s s .

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