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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is that the reason ?

It's never too late to tell you that .
I Love You ...

Went to visit the dentist again !?
this time damn pain today bleed for 3 hour just stop .
How I make it stop ?
Go and sleep thn it will stop bleeding !
LOL ...
now i just realize .
but my mouth is still pain now ...
Awww ...
I was suffering from noon 2 o'clock till now the next day of the same time in the mroning ...
Need help .
can sumone please help me buy a mask ?
for covering my mouth !
two big holes le ...
OMFG !!!
pain a....

this time were more pain thn last week .
n the farking dentist nvr wait till u got 'xin li zun bei' thn pull out dy ...
pain le ...
makan my porridge AGAIN ?!
porridge with fish + kicap again .
SUFFERING with my farking teeth !!!

x I want the truth !
o Nobody cares ?
x I hate what I love .
o all of it !

J e s s .

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