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Friday, May 8, 2009

OCW , Sorry la... dun angry la . smile bac. =)

Ntg much happened today .

I attend DC. 
damn sien !
althought got jing brenda n sze. bt also quiet sien .
after DC went to audi for 
The form 3 n 5 b.ball competition
at last. form 3 lost.
bt i like form 3 whn they played damn yeng !
Heart sei them a...

我听见有她叫你DARLING .
我有时候会想到我是她 .
他只会是她的 .
不管我做多少东西 .
他也只会爱她一个 .
这是个误会 .

x Sorry, OCW .
o Jun Ee , u tried once i tried more thn you !
x it really can hurt + will cried !!
o Sorry Nat. cant go 

J e s s . ❤

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