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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Param !!!!

I hope you are beside me right now !
I want you .

Fark Param !
She said I am in class is just for entertain the boys .
and she's goin to tell Peter tat i do tat ?!
Fark you !!
If I really entertain them thn what about her ?
She is more being slut all the time !
She's getting more bytch now .
I hate her !!!
Aaaa .
Fine stop talking tis 1st .
Err . today ntg intersting happened , I think .
Ah ! got Mrs.Meta !
she thought blogging nid to access money !
noe hw stupid is she??
Err ... I think ntg much bout today .
n yeah !
I really dunno what to do with the class ...
I cant even join them in .
Single !
Alone .

x I hate her more then everything .
o She's the only one for you .
x Slut ? fark you !!!!
o I'm not entertaining them !!!

J e s s .

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