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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cant stop the tears from fallin .

We used to be so fine when you walked into my life .
I tried to reach out for you just to be with you .

Teacher's day ...
Nvr see Mrs.Thas . =(
The Prefect performace were great n also the form 5s.
lol. I like WeiYi so much ! n also Li Ying .
after finished .
Went to T.S with Jing,Pei,Nat n Venn by cab .
5 of us ...cost 7 .
went to 'Sek Ho' have our lunch .
lols .
me n Nat were fine .
After having out lunch Venn went bac .
left four of us .
Damn sien.
Jing went to nail point for manicure .
n pei teman her .
While she's doin it .
me n Nat. went to Fish Spa !
lol .
tat's my 1st time le .
Quite nice .
and finally i found sumone who can teman me do fish spa again !
Nat like it !
after doin it .
meet up with Jing .
act just opposite !
lol .
thn went to walk walk .
walk till half .
went to StarBucks .
i bought a cup of JavaChips .
I cant even bite the chips inside it !
lol .
We sat there fot almost 2 hours .
while we sitting .
Jing n her B .
Went off .
thn Pei left.
Just left me n nat.
n Yang came .
slowly . Kg came too with Brenda n Xian .
and also my dear ! Saik Hoe ! long time nvr see him le .
lols .
after that. went to sweet chat !
makan 'tong sui' cant even bite !
lols .
Nat ordered Durian Pancakes again !? lol
while they eating i sms-ed with bobo !
haha .
After having it .
Went to Saik Hoe's home .
wait for my mum to pick me up .
lol .
I saw my babeee...
Phang Hui Quan ! lols .
about 3 months i didt even saw her .
lol .
miss her so damn much !!!
after tat.
my mum came n picked me from KimGary .
lols .
thn went bac home. n i left my bag there .
Sei mou .
my camera le...
wanna edit pic also !
pic will b upload when i get bac all my things !
Fine. Stop here ...
Babeeeee .

x Dont you know , i miss you so ?
o My heart is breakin .
x I do tried !
o Weii , mayb u r rite ...=)

J e s s .

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