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Friday, May 29, 2009

There's no real life . I wasn't awake !

没有太阳就不会有彩虹 。
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Today whole day was dreaming .
even in kang's period .
n I almost fall down 3 times .
damn fish !
I do have some reason for dreaming .
but cant tell here le .
lol .
Jing get her Lee Hom's shirt !
aww .
damn nice !
but i cnat get it .
the last wan i think Nat's goin to buy it !
althought i like it.
but i wan black colour !
with gold color words .
awwww ...
She was showing off all arouns the place .
yeah . the old her .
*silll dao gei * .
lols .
i think ntg much happened today .
orh i went to KFC with jing n pei .
sien !
ma de . i wait till 4:45 like tat.
went out form KFC n i saw gin and the two jun .
lols .
they were so late .
dunno y .
nvr say bye to them just the Hi.
lol .
Fine .
i stop here .
damn sien !!!

x I dun really like today .
o although,i dare to do tat .
x Sorry .
o I think ...

J e s s .

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