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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad News .

The bad news come towards to all of us .

Today .
I thought is an ordinary day ...
But when we attended Eng class ...
We was like wtf !?
cause teacher goin to chg our place ...
and i was so damn excited .
cz i finally can chged my place .
but the answer is no for me .
meta dun let tim ...
Zzzz .
She chged Vivien to sit beside me!?
I dun wan fark face !!!
n Jun Ee chg to my back .
Aimin chg to vivien's place .
Nick n Kiat Gee exchg places .
but .
The bad news is when Mala came in to class n scold our class .
scold till half way .
she said . Yi Jing tomoro early in the morning go to 3L n have ur class .
I was like 'What The Hell ???'
The two teachers also looking at me ...
cz i didt think dou this moment will b so damn fast .
I heard sumbody say bout it before ...
Means me n Jing will be saperate n it was hurt .
cz now is my turn to be 1 person which is the whole gang got 8 study in the skul .
but only me is the one ...
althought Xuan lat time is like that .
haiz. nvm la.
I also feel sorry to jing ..
dunno why .
lol .

Jing , This is the only thing i can cheer you up ...
hope u dun cry anymore ...
There are no others can join the 3M family ...

x What can I do for you ?
o Hmm... Mayb i really not the one .
x Err .
o BaoBeii ? Zzz

J e s s .

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