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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

awww ....

Time has dead n gone !
I want it bac right now !!

Today ?
An ordinary day ...
Class is getting better than those days ...
Now is Kah Mun turn to be naughty !
n i support her .
she quarrel wit Meta today !
damn rude !
but i like it !!!
n today is the 1st day with 2 big holes to school .
Everyone smile to me .
cz they knew i will reply them bac ...
n i forget bout my teeth i really go n smile bac.. Zzzz
damn fish la...
the 1st person is Thang Yi Jing !
awww ... she knew tat !
n she do tat obviously ! with everyone looking at her n me ..
see hw dao gei is she ...
But nvm . someone appreciate it.
er ...
n whn i eat things i was like .
wow . tis is the 1st time i eat my lunch so slow ...
n my teeth is pain today. cz i forget to bring my medicines to school .
okey . i stop talking bout m teeth .
let's talk bout the Badminton !
haha .
Sze n Pei involve today ...
Alex too ..
Alex n Zhi Kang were lose to Tack Hong & Zhi Kang's bro ...
21-19 .
haha .
the marks damn close la.
bout sze n pei i dunno .
cz my mum came earlier tat i thought ...
nvm tomoro i will noe the marks !
I didt take my dinner le ..
hungry now .
bt cant eat anything ...
awww ...
I miss the meggi !
right !
I might stop here n go n sleep if not i dunno i will eat wat .
LOLs .

x Sorry , my bad !
o I dun really appeciate to wat you did .

x I hate her !!!!
o I want Babeeee ...lols .

J e s s .

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