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Friday, May 22, 2009

Without you were sucks !

Is just the 1st day ...

Early in the morning that Thang Yi Jing was late .
I thought she dun wanna go to school dy lo ...
but when shecame to skul .
n bringing the BIG SMILE to me when she walk along to 3L.
I was like wow finally she's ntg .
When we have out target setting the class like so damn quite !
wow .
1st , Nick n Kah Mun said loud loud .
Aww ... I miss YiJing so damn much !
everyone was saying that in class .
n me too .
without her the class was like no more 3M geh attitude !
even Jun Ee , Fatt,Lik Hong ,Kiat Gee also say that ..
We really miss you in 3M .
and i think wat Fatt said is rite .
When YiJing not here we treat her like grass ,
When she's not here we treat her like treasure ...
Haha .
n that also means YiJing is the noisiest in class ,
She makes us laugh .
She makes us have a great time in 3M ...
awww ...
And she aslo makes herself in trouble to fight for normal person !!
haha ...
see hw good is she ...
The class still got the 3M family ...
we will try our best to do wadever thing .
n me n Kah Mun decide to have a fight with Meta ...
haha .
See hw izit ...
n I have once with Mala today .
Just cause of Gen's rubic cube ...
The feel was so damn shuang !

x we miss you .
o The old me have ...
x The feel was like ...
o Awww .

J e s s .

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