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Monday, May 25, 2009

The love ones ...

The stars from ur heart ?
The loves from ur heart ?

Went to tuition today .
cz yesterday didt go ...
lol .
i was late again !
round 3 sumthing just reach le ..
but nvm ..
at least i'm not absent ..
lol ...
before go for tuition i on my facebook .
n saw Ng Tze Huey on9 too ...
haha guess what ?
she's goin to make a cup of Ice Blended Oreo for me when she's bac ...
n She taught me 1 word ...
Da Wei .
haha .
when she say it ..
i was like huh ?!
Da Wei ? what izit ?
haha .
but now i just realize what izit ...
Fine ..
After my tuition ...
I went to Belakong Jusco n watch movie ...
Lol ...
Night at the Museum 2 ...
quite nice .
I like the Cupids !
the three Cupids with Jonas Brothers face !
damn cute n when they sang !
cant imagine the Cupids with their face .
after finish it ...
when bac home .
have quarrel with my dad .
just because of my farking bro !
puiiiiiii !
I hate you William Tan !

That's all ...
thinking tomoro hw am I goin to do with my mouth .

x Cupids ? make me realize sumthings else .
o Da Wei ? haha I love him ...Zzzz
x Cant believe you have him ...
o Shyt ! I cant eat waffle ,Jing ...

J e s s .

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