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Thursday, May 28, 2009

you're right ! Scorpian is always like one who's acting brave !

I asked = no answer .

ntg special happen today .
but now i just realize .
Kang nvr ask me where's my skirt .
now is Vivien's turn to get it .
lols .
see i became good girl le ...
but I dunno why still very scat of her.
Fine stop talking bout kang .
er .
teacher's day is coming on Friday .
I remember what Mrs.Thas promise .
She said she will be coming back on tat day !
yeah ~
means i can see her last face .
lol .
kind a miss her so much !!
She's the best BM teacher ever !
Awww ...
waiting Friday .
cz goin out sum more .

她告诉我,天蝎座的人 。
只会扮坚强 。
可能那是真的 。
就算她爱他 is just the same ...
nw i just realize .
The old has passed
we cant get it back any more !
Babeee .

Haiz ...
my dad ask my mum sumthing just now .
guess wat ?
he said he goin to wait till i form 5 just left m'sia ...
aww .
Is tat a good choice ?
I dun really understand wat the adults are thinking about .

x I hate you !
o Do you noe it will get hurts ?
x you want sumone forgive you ?
She had forgive but u did the same things again ?!
o I wunt wait you .

J e s s .

no body will welcome bac
and said bye with a big smile !

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