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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

D , is always the one for me .

Dead and Gone .

Today we have our photo section again .
the whole gang expect Sze.
also ponteng 1 period ..
we learn bout .
the most dangerous place is the safest place ...
Damn sien la..
nvr take dou basketball geh photo .
cz nt enought time to ran down.
n when we reach the front door .
the flash *ci cak* .
finished dy ..
zzzz ...
damn it !
I want to take again !
the last year I took photo in Stella Maris with teachers .
look like weird weird geh .
Today , nvr go n attend the extra calss .
cz got tuition .
n i was late for tuition .
the stupid traffic jam .
Jam me n Jing for an hour le ...
I wanna thanks Tee Jer Venn the 'Fa Qiao Venn' .
for helping me in the BM ayat .
bt got 47 ayat nid to do le ..
nvm at least u help me ..
ntg much happen le ...
Tomoro will be bringing soup + bread to school .
for my teeth !
lol .
today no porridge !
yeah ~~~

I really dunno what happen to you .
Why are u thinking all the way negative ?!

x You !
o Are !
x Mine !
o lots of love . I want you !

J e s s .

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