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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aww ... I want to call you Babeee .

I think she wish that too .
Not only me ...

The 2nd day without Jing .
Today, all prefet went to camp .
n the school is fun without any prefect + Kang .
Yeah ~~~
no nid tuck in shirt n pin hair ..
But I got pin le ...
see hw good am I .

During KH ,
the damn new teacher Ms.Sri .
give us free period .
We were like .
wow . she damn lazy la...
n the 3M family were sien !
cz without Jing as i noe .
n the class is play with songs .
Jern Jeit geh ...
n Jun Ee ,Alex play gmaes with phone .
Fatt ,Kiat Gee play cube .
Me,Xian, Da , Kah Fook chit-chat .
Lik Hong just sitting beside n listen n looking at Jun Ee playing games ...
see hw sien were we today ...
But nvm la..
I will try my best to bring up the old 3M Family bac althought Jing had been chged .
zzzz .
If im not wrong she aslo wish that . isn't it ?

After the bell rang the class dismiss n i went to 3M .
n look for Sze n I shouted Babeee .
Haha .
then I think Sze noe what happen next .
Hope he dunno la..
LOLs .
then saw Jing .
She told us bout the safety kiss ?!
haha .
only 1 can accept is just him ?
the other 2 le ??
wakkaak .
then we down to locker room .
Saw my bro at canteen .
Zzz .
so damn early la..
thn went for tuition lo .
a bored day .

Still got 2-3 weeks towards his b'day .
I want you realize that ur b'day i will wish u with a funny post .
n for sure u will laught .
but u didt view my blog dy .
thn suan le ba .
wo yi zhi dou zai ai ni .

x wo de xin mei bian guo .
o ni de xin zai ta na bian .
x I hate you did you realize ?
o farking slut !

J e s s .

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