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Monday, May 18, 2009

Eloo .

Hello Guys .
Long time nvr touch my blog + the keyboard at home ...

Wake up at 7am today .
damn early and is only for my teeth !
I went to visit the dentist ...
For checking & pulled my two teeth .
Damn pain lar .
and inside my mouth got 8 rubber band ...

see hw i bleed .

The tisue of my house.
Gonna use finish !
All of them used by me ...
n i pulled out at 9 . bleed till 2 pm .
u noe hw pain izit ?
Next week still got two more ,...
Today the whole day ate porridge + soba mee ....
no teeth still can ate soba .
See hw geng am I ...
LOL !!

n I went to The Mines.
for my sis squash + badminton racquets.
4 badminton racquets . n 1 squash racket .
damn expensive la..
n my bro ate two ice-cream in one day .
n is only Oreo Mcflurry for him ...
n we walk walk there ...
Damn sien ..
Nvr bought anythings .
just can walk n I cant even eat a chips !!!
x Pain pain pain !!!
o No chewing gum for me...T_T
x wa ai jiak sushi !!!
o I miss that hug ...
J e s s . ❤

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