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Friday, April 30, 2010

James' earlier birthday celebration .

Past few days were crap ! I had Account test which mean I gonna get a NA for it but I got someone to teach me just to thanks my sis , James and the guy who sits beside me during account class ! I think he called Jack if I'm not wrong . He's from China he the first who talks with me in account class he's nice ! =D So about the test I think I at least can get an A ' achieve ' for it .

Let's talk about today ! The title say out what I wanted to talk about it's a earlier celebration for James' birthday .
Let's see what happen after school and what we have prepare for him .
the sweet chocolate cake for the only Fatty !
Birthday Boy !
Happy 15th Birthday !
I love this so much !
I did use my Polaroid this time !
second one .

It suppose to be a surprise party but it ended up like a normal celebration ! However , at the end of it we watch something which really memory was the old video when I was 2 years old in NZ and some James' videos we were so cute last time !
We laugh so loud just for the video !!!

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