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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bloody fake shit !

bold the words and you know how I feel .

I go home , shouting out loud and saying ' my life sucks !!! ' , remembering all the bad things in one day , how many horrible feelings I had in one day and wondered how it was possible , in one day . I was looking everyone around me , knowing everyone despises me , hate me talks about me . I try to be confident , I try to ignore the freaking annoying things , but in the end I know I cant .

These people tear me apart , not knowing myself have any feelings , they ignore me ruin my life , and they dont even know it . I did try every hard to ignore it but in the end I know I cant because these people tear me apart and dont even care !

Today I saw there alone listening to the songs which plays in my Ipod , trying to believe the words everyone says . ' @#$%^&* ' ' @#$%^&* ' are phrases I often hear , but who really means it ? and who is sincere ?

I doubt you would even tell me the truth , so you'll tell me what will make me feel better , but is it isn't the truth , then why should I care ? Eventually in the end , I 'll probably get hurt, that always seems to happen , I get treated like dirt . So next time you want to tell me you care , make sure you mean it and that it's sincere .

I wish what I dream wont be the true ;
I hope what I wish will be true .

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