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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I just love shopping !

Woke up in the morning around 0930 . The day was bright and woke up from some basketball sounds which always wake me up with ! Then have my break-first , mum wasn't at home 'cause she went to aunty May's house and we got aunty Chirstina's called to call us to have lunch at Sri Makota . It really sounds like a M'sia place but who knows it's a restaurant's name it sells M'sian food and it taste not that bad as I though I drank teh tarik and finally ! I miss the taste of it !
After lunch went to dressmart and shopping . 'cause it's NZ's day there are some sales and what we bought it's just something like ...

Let me type out what ' we ' have got !
Carmen ; two shorts from 'Just Jeans' , one pair of Puma and a sweater from Lacoste .
Mum ; a sweater from Lacoste and a bag from Raulph Lauren .
Even dad's not here my mum helps him to bought two clothes from ... ' I forgot the name '.
Bro ; nothing ! hahaha
also not to forget me ; two shorts and one pair of Puma !

these are mine .
It's me now and it costs only 50bucks .

This is my sis ones also the same price !
50 bucks .
you'll love this when you see the true colour .

After the shopping back to home and it's the time to face tomorrow !
weekdays .
I hate it so badly ...
I just hate school .

About yesterday's ;
Woke up and went to ware house stationary . Bought some stationary and yet my sis thought of buying rubber bands for reminds us for childhood ! You won't forget the old time we played that little long thing .
spot the thing we used to play like :
'' in , out , step by step , out , in , STEP ! "
that's what I used to play in Jalan Davidson went I was small and
I miss the memories .
and did you spot the 6 balls ?
It's a rubber balls made by me and Carmen .
'cause there are too many rubber bands so we make it like this .

random made from my bro !
orh the dog is free from tissue papers !

I love Phang Saik Hoe forever .
I'm in love with him now .

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