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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sorry doesn't mean everything .

The words for me is nothing .
hate it !
Spent the day in city today . Morning the sky looked sunny but when you walked out the door you can feel wind blowing your hair up and down , the trees dancing in front of your yard and flowers getting old and singing . Let's start with I wake up from bed and took bath and after meal in car going to city to meet my sis's friends Karen and Janet . we met each other in Mid City ' an asian mall ' . They walked and shop and what I do is window shopping after few hours went to had lunch then went to city walk through shops like Glasson , Cotton On , Zippy and etc . I didn't buy anything but cookies the best cookies in the world i think . =D bought 10 pieces and I ate 1 only 'cause i need to left some for brothers and sisters . After buying these and that went to shop shop and my sis bought something from Kikki'k ( as yng said is nice and is really nice the books there are freaking cool I gonna buy the camera kit . ) the things are freaking expensive man . I gonna save some money up and buy things from there 'cause is freaking cool . After that went to shop again after shop went to take bus and back to new house which near our new house mum fetched and go there tengok tengok back to aunty May's house to have dinner ! Before that my sis receieved a letter from her friend , Kien Hao . After meal chat and play cards the day we spent was just normal and kinda bored !

I want shopping badly ofcz dont forget to give me money about that !

I freaking jealous now a days for no reason . I can't nagging in the blog ! gosh I'm freaking annoying . I just feel like no point I'm jealous now 'cause I dont have the friends like her I dont have friends who put me inside their heart that's really suck ! IGNORE ME !!!

friends ?

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