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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

shout fuck you to me !

The style of mine would be change .

The day of mine are as usual but today there are something special and I never expect about is we cleaned up our new house . Sounds weird when I type that but I did something special and is unusual as last few days was just cleaning up the house not gardening . You guys remember there is a spa pool at my house ? Today an old man came to take it 'cause we're not going to have a spa pool at home . Photos will be up I think if my camera work on tomorrow . Other than that I cooked one dishes today that would be cucumber salad ! I cut it into pieces and get them mixes well with 1 sauce ! It's so easy ! (I know is suck) After that I played basketball by myself and this time is 10 minutes 10 chop ! I'm so proud of myself although no one sees it but still I miss the basketball ... I heard today was the competition of SM but I'm not that sure with the details but wish you guys good luck in it !

Besides that , today's post is by Carmen Pang is she called me to update if not I'm not going to update like as usual but seriously , I miss her not that much as she expect , so sorry babe ! Maybe is the time we spent wasn't that long enough or maybe is my problem . I dont know why , why I'm not missing the girls but the boys ? I was like WTF everyday .

My uniform is on FB ! WTF ? thanks to CarmenTan you guys cant see clearly so when I got mood I will do some cam whore when I got that mood by myself ! =X However , 7 days to go in to a new school I'm so scare of new environment , new teachers , new friends , new studies , new exam , new subjects and also new uniform ! Everything is new to me , worries .

Skype - d with
hoe , bryan , kelvin , lit han and also tongue tongue babe ! I love them . =D

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