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Friday, April 16, 2010

The messages you sent .

text message of mine from them .

As you guys know that my X6 break down and I use back my old phone ... I was text - ing with my friends and I checked back the old text messages and I saw two message which suit me ... I was sitting at the corner clicking my phone and refreshing the old text messanges of mine I saw the text which sent by TCW , I dont know you remember this a not but it says ;

' 以后你在那边的日子会不会很闷?当你在那边就不会有人跟你谈天了。。也不会有人问候你了。'

Now here I am and I feel the same way as he sent me this message at the time he sent me I felt nothing but now I know what he mean as ... I scream so hard ! In the old times there's always someone who can chat with you or even ask you ' How're you , babe ? Are you okay ? ' until today I can see there's nothing like that maybe is just two months a short time for me to get use to it .. Other than that I saw another message by WJF , He sent ...

' I scare after you go NZ , you won't miss me anymore . '

I remembered the time i replied ' I won't i will always miss you and others just like how you miss me . ' Apparently , the feeling I'm having now is that I'm not the one who don't miss you or them is you're the one who don't miss me . I really miss them but I just don't have the time to meet them up . Every time I on FB I wish there's a notification about you guys but what I have from you guys are NOTHING . I though I would be remember who knows the answer will be like that way ... already two months and now I feel like I'm a shame of myself . How would I be when I'm back to Malaysia . Yes , I admit when I'm in M'sia I wish to come here to enjoy what we call as ' NEW LIFE ' ... Honestly , I'm jealous about my sis that she has got so many friends who still care about her and the way they communicate . I'm so worry the days which is coming to me , I'm so scare about myself and the important thing is


I really miss them but I just dont know what to start with the words . I always hope that you will call me right now or even leave a sentence with a word even one word I will be happy . I was looking at the same message this few days and I though of the old memories of us but now I think he , she and them have forgot about what I call as ' MEMORIES ' . I'm still waiting the day to come and I knew the communication of us are getting further and further from a paragraph to 1 sentence with 3 words .

Don't treat me as a human who has got a protection ;
When you got dare I would dare you to love me as what you used to be .

About today ...
Went to Takapuna to have lunch in the morning went to buy stuff for new house . Then went to fetch Lisa back to new house and clean some stuff ... After lunch went to play badminton with James and Vanessa . I admit my play was suck but I think i got improve at the back . Sorry to the one who's teamed with me . After playing back to home , bath and also dinner . Around 8 went to Westfield to ask May to help me with the school pants and I bough a tights . Bro bought a boxer ! Sis and mum bought black stocking ... orh , sis bought stocking with red and black is cool !

Might be going city tomorrow ...
I want RL polo tee , Lacoste shoe !
I want to go Dressmart !!!!

Wrote two notes in FB take a look if you're interested .

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