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Saturday, April 10, 2010

you got me with a secret heart .

It's too late for me to give my love to you .

the love you left
maybe is too late for me to get it .

upper part of today's .
Sitting down infront of the computer and typing the memories of mine and you in my private file and listening to some songs which is slow ... sis , mum and James went out left me , bro and vanessa at home . That's really boring and what i did was playing 2 hours basketball by myself and really to get in ... and what i though of were out last memories in school shouting out loud in school just like mad person .

the down part of today's .
They back and mum cook and mum , sis and I went out for dinner with Jessica and we met Joyce too . She gonna help me with my death phone and pass it back to my dad and she's a Hong Kong - ian . XD The day end with FB !

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