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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The endless road of mine .

Tuesday ;
The second day of school same thing goes on . BORED ! I do my art class thing alone and the same old thing alone ... It's super bored !

Wednesday ;
New account teacher as I know i'm also a new student and I dont now any account things at all ! So boring !!! and Tomorrow we're going to have test ! I hate school I want go back to M'sia to have fun like what other do , did and done !

Thursday ;
Have Maths workbook and it's kinda complicated ! What's the probability of tree diagram ? O.O I hate to do things I dont know and ask ...

Friday ;
School as usual I walked home these few days is kinda boring again ! I know I keep mention my life it's bored ! Sorry but it really is ! Science class ; we're having chemistry thing and it's hard for me about those atom thing . HARD !!!! Back new house and help up something . =D

life's hard here with the different language .

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