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Sunday, May 2, 2010

appreciate the little moments of trip .

Trip for us and we enjoyed it !

Woke up at seven o'clock in the morning prepare ourselves and wait aunty Chris to pick us up from Glenfield to a town call Matakana if I'm not wrong .
Let the picture continue the love family story of ours !

On the way to the town and we kept cam-whore 'actually just me ! ' .
The view was great ! the sunny day just started .

after half an hour we reached the little town and we went in to a market which have tons of food ! Before that we saw a Dog post which let the customers left their dog outside it !

Lovely food of the market I just cant stop my saliva dropping from my mouth !
click to enlarge it .
the view beside the market it just local beside a lake !
Ducky all around it with a red hot sun and with some little tiny rain .
after that we went to a toilet and we saw a stairs which really black and I love it !
click to enlarge it or view it in FB !

Outside the toilet there are shop lots and it just beside a garden !
view was really really nice !

and we saw this car ! woohoo ...
who knows that is a horse but not a pony .
then we went to have a look at this small building .
Which made the cost of 1 million dollar .
and it is just a ....
yes , it's just a public toilet .
dont you love the mouth ?
please dont spot me .
another shot of us .
after that then we went to a vas company named , Marly and James if I'm not wrong again .
these is what they sell in it .
again ! I love the colour .
hoooo ...
Toilet of the shop It's kinda nice .
After that we went to another place near wine farm . and we saw something like erhemm ..
BABI ! it's a black pig and it's really smelly there .
after farming we went to a place which sell ice-cream in summer only !
rest rest rest we enjoy ourself and camwhore again ofcz with my love polaroid !
the store name , Charlie's .
decoration of it .
after rest and eating our ice cream dessert we went to beach ! and I just love the smell of it !
bright blue sky with a bright blue puma shoes .
posing posing !
after that we went to another small town I forgot the name and then we have lunch on the way we saw a rabbit car with a dog in it !
after our lunch we went to a place which is not allow people to go in .
It's a Tree house restaurant with yellow trees around it but the restaurant has been closed 'cause of safety problem . this restaurant used to open and it only can fit in 80 people in it however , cause of the safety problem it has close down .
SO SAD !!!
I heard many people say it's a nice restaurant and their food it's super nice !!!!
after that we went back house and relax again !
The trip would be that fun 'cause of aunty Chris she organized it to us .
appreciate !!!!

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