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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wish her had got a great birthday celebration with us .

6th of April for others are just a normal day
but for my mum in 1991 she gave birth for someone like her ...
Her ?
Yesh , you're right is my sis !
Carmen's big day and it also means ....

I love this picture so damn much so I decided to put this as your wish post !

The years we spent last few years weren't that good so as this year of 'cause I own you thousand of presents i knew it but I will give you when i think of what I gonna get you .
Is the time to let the photos do the talking . =D
we celebrated her birthday in aunty May's house and steamboat .

After our meal we felt full and we walked a round for cam whoring ! =X
more in FB .
back to house and you can see is ...
Raulph Lauren VS Burberry .
our loves .
then is the time for dessert time !

before we continue there's a joke when we went to get the cake we ordered the cake like you should write ' Happy 19th Birthday ' but they wrote ' Happy 90th Birthday ' .
when we got it we were like WTH ?
However , it's really a joke for Carmen .

cakeeee . =D
loves .
The ' gang ' we had in NZ .
They're more but they weren't there .

the day end with loves .

Hope Carmen enjoy it .

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