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Monday, April 5, 2010

Operation .

The doctor said I shall have a operation
when I'm done with it .

Happy Easter , peeps .
loves .

Easter Sunday , no shops open today so we woke up , bath , eat and watched tv then went to aunty May's house again for cooking stuff ! The day was okay went to the beach and had a time to sit on the swing think of the memories ... then walked back to the house and help with the food for dinner . After dinner we had some thing like M'sia pancakes not roti canai i forget what they call as , it taste alright but i likey local ones . =D

Btw , I got my dad's call today he said he gonna buy a phone and he might change with me and another phone for my sis ! =D if he really wanna buy my sis gonna get N97 mini or i will get N900 if my dad get it . if la but most probably he wont buy N900 for himself or change with me . I know I just bought a new phone not about two months but it broke down like nobody buisness can't be on again ! WTF ? I need it so much wey ! =( I'm now using the old phone ' click click ' ...

About the title ;
That day I went to see dentist and I had a x - ray she said I gonna have an operation when I'm done with my braces about the big bone (the mandible) . Like my lower part of mandible is more bigger than the upper one so I shall take an operation to make it smaller . That time I know it i was like WTH ? is it okay if i dont do it ? hmm ... Wonders in my head turning round and round .

Circle it out , please .

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