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Saturday, April 3, 2010

lock me up in middle of the city .

Daylight Saving .

pass the chain and lock me up , please .

Day started with a W . Woke up , walked and washed ... Think everything in your mind like what you do when you're awake and what you will first do when you're awake and don't forget think what's in your mind . Every wh - questions is in ' there ' like the deepest part in your heart . Let the questions end for a moment and start with a short story . A girl woke up and she though to be girlish today but the style of the day is suck when she looked in the mirror herself . She was wondering who is she ? Look totally weird so she ended up with a simple boxes shirt and a jeans with a converse for her small foot . She went to mid of city today and she enjoyed fish n' chips take away and a scoop of MovenPick with hokey pokey flavor she did tried some tiramisu milk shakes and she enjoyed it . After her meal she went back to a aunty house and enjoy the day cooked M'sia 's food the every first timeshe enjoyed M'sia 's food out station and the taste is totally awesome ! =D Until the dinner she sent her sis to a party and yet went back and sit chat and listen . She used to enjoy it but ... forget about it . The girl's story end with patiently and nothing special happened .

She felt empty and she told me she's trying get use to it but what she trying to is hard like me . I always try my best to but is too bad I doesn't get it ! She said she wonder why no one leave message to her or send an short e - mail to her or even type a single word is more than enough . What I felt as what she said is just same ... ofcz I never wish my friends will do these to me so I never though of these and that . Am I confusing myself or is she confusing herself ? Every moment of life is important but for her and I is just sucks for no reason .

She wishes there is a girl / boy to care like ...

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