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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old street of mine .

As the previous post say I will go city today and yet I did . Woke up and prepare go to fetch aunty May and Natalie . We parked our car in the Casino of Sky City and walk to Mid city for Natalie's stuff . After shopping at there we went to a shopping mall I dont know what it calls but I saw these !!!

Cookies Monster ; Elmo .
Elmo .

Dont think this is a cheap stuff it cost NZD49.95 !

Went to half lunch before that we went to a Japanese shop Carmen bough lots of things . After that walk through Queen Street then I saw this .
Art of love .
Art of Street .
Strangers on the only street .

Carmen bought me this is so cute !
If anyone wants any Spongebob's properties tell me .
There are a lot here . =D

Carmen bough this for herself ;
Jusst to send back M'sia for someone Birthday card . SUPER BIG !

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