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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time to introduce ...

Woke up in the morning and went to fetch aunty may with aunty Chris . Time to get ready to go city ... Went city for a hair cut and is okay for me but after some people's opinion i was like maybe .... UGLY ! == After that went to new house then back to people's house to have dinner !

House in progress .
Glad to say I love my house .
Let me introduce it ...

the spa pool that has been taken .

Garden is still the same the only thing is all the trees are botak . =D
Little bitch in my room !
That's my feature wall and is in that colour .

light of my room !
corner shot .
another corner shot of my room .
zoom in to my garden .
poor pool turned into dust !
our future study and game room !
bathroom is not in bathtub .
front view but still have paint yet ..
kitchen is nearly done .
shot of the stove .
our refrigerator is super cool !

Is me with my sexy ass ! =D
I can't show my face 'cause of my hair !!!
William's room .
another shot .

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