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Friday, April 9, 2010

pass me the hug in your soul .

Can I have it , please .

I want Elmo
not Monster Cookies . =(

Yesterday ,
Went to bough things for new house like curtain and some decoration stuff . Got a called from the school they said me and William and go to the school on the second term equal to o the 19th . Then we went to Albany Mall to e-have lunch and buy stuff i bought a jeans and i love it !=D So as my sis she bought some clothes too .

Watched SAW currently and we've watched 1 to 4 and I gonna watch 5 later . =X

Today's love .
Woke up and go new house to do gardening can not count as gardening is picking up those branches . after that went to the school and trying to find the place where buy uniforms but it didn't open so went to the shop in the other place . Then went to Albany mall again for phone stuff and the laneline for home . Then bough school shoe and it look sucks ! wtf ? I gonna wear short skirt and legging and sandals and white polo tees . I hope everytime will be alright when the school start .

My hands and legs got hurt when doing the garden by the rose and the cooking time i burned my finger and is freaking hard to type now it means is time to stop now .
Leave some comment peeps I'm bored ! =(

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